Top German Quality Clothing for Riders: AVUS Moto.

Posted on 19 December 2018


It is no secret that Germans have some of the best brands in Europe and the world, and this is no different for motorcycle apparel.

A large part of this market focuses on E-commerce, where you can make purchases online.

Germany is the largest market for textiles and clothing products and this is due to its ergonomic design of easy handling and high safety, focused on efficiency.

Part of its success goes to its technological breakthroughs in the textile market manufacturing industries with which they can see with what moisture their fabrics come out compared to the temperature and thus correct errors. The fact that they are so detailed is what makes the market varied and the quality excellent.

What Defines a German Quality Clothing Brand?

One of the different German brands that makes clothes is Avus Moto, a brand in charge of all the necessary equipment for motorcyclists. They make their clothes based on security, style, and good performance. They follow a policy of being themselves: all of their clothes are tested personally by the owners before going out into the market.

Avus Moto thinks about each one of their customers, adapting their clothes to the different riders. They propose a riding gear that performs dress, protection, and performance.

The principal material they use in the fabrication of the clothing is leather. This material is used for pants, jackets, and gloves, but they also do socks, and of course, the socks cannot be fabricated in leather, so they use 90% of nylon and 10% elastane. The quality of their clothes is focused on the security, style, and performance.

In the manufacture of their gloves they use leather of very high quality, a full grain cowhide perforated soft leather. They also use goat leather. There are different types of gloves depending on the taste of each one, there are those of daily use or those that are for more specific occasions, even with uncovered fingers if you wish so.

It does not matter if it is a hot climate because Avus Moto makes gloves with ventilation so that you are not overheated, and in case of a fall, the knuckles are padded so they will be safe.

Their jackets, made in the same way in top grain cowhide have different designs in which they reinforce the neck and shoulders as well as having a foam protector in the back and a removable armor, all this thinking about your safety through a good quality material.

They have a mesh lining that is 100% polyester and elastic leather panels on the sides and elbows to provide better movement and adjustment, one of their designs include curved sleeves which are adjustable in the front and reverse.

The pants they offer have a boot cut, are also made of cowhide and come with knee protectors included. With comfort in mind, the crotch is longer for a better fit when driving.

Quality Clothing for Riders at Every Level

Germans are definitely ingenious when it comes to textile production, thanks to their large factories with technological advances they can make clothing to measure and with the necessary facilities for people.

That is how Avus Moto does it, keeping the focus on the passion for motorcycling and at the same time providing comfort, safety, and style in the same clothing. Best of all, it is with good quality materials, so we know we will last a long time and also protect us in case of a fall, and as if that were not enough, with an unmatched style.

If you are just starting out in the world of motorcycling, do not hesitate to get all the gear you need for safety, comfort, and performance. If you are just starting out in the world of motorcycling, do not hesitate to get all the gear you need for safety, comfort, and performance.

For this world, it is not necessary only a motorcycle and the passion, it is also essential and very important to be safe, make yourself feel comfortable, and the most important thing is to feel yourself while you are on the road.

The market is very large, and if you want leather you can count on Avus Moto who are specialists in this field.

Contact them through their social networks:

Facebook: Avus Moto

Instagram: AvusMoto

Website: Avus Moto

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