Leather or Textile: Which Is the Best Option for a Biker Jacket?

Posted on 19 December 2018

Motorcycling is a lifestyle for many people. And you need to choose the perfect biker jacket according to your personality and preferences.


We know this is important and want to help you make the best choice!

There are two main types of biker jackets in the world of motorcycles: leather or textile. Both are good options depending on how do you feel today. For example, if you feel that today is a good day to go fast use a leather jacket, but why?


Leather Jacket


Here are some reasons why you need to use a leather jacket in these fast days.

First of all, comfort with velocity because it is related with the adjustment on the body depending on the speed you drive. It gives you more security in the ride, your skin will not be exposed to scalds in case of falls.

Secondly, you create a connection between you; your jacket and your motorcycle. How does it function? It is simple, it makes you see as one because they represent what you are and what your motorcycle is in general terms. Your personality, your preferences are expressed in the style of your motorcycle and the jacket you decide to wear.

Lastly but not less important, you can find different designs that make the perfect deal with you and your motorcycle. The prices can vary depending on the store you search it, but it is not an impediment when you look for the best option in security and preferences for your trip.


Textile Biker Jacket


However, if you do not want to go fast, you can wear a textile jacket. These types of jackets are the best choice when you need to be practical, go quietly or take a city tour. Textile jackets have a shoulder pad to more protection, as they are made of fabric, you can choose according to your preferences or the climate where you need to use it.

Models can change as it is fabric and there can be different types of designs, with or without pockets, hood, raincoats or colors. It is not always necessary to wear a textile jacket if we are in the city. However, it is most recommended for protection.  If you like a leather jacket better, you can use it without any problem in the city, and it also gives you protection. It's a matter of preferences.

However, you have to take into account that leather jackets are not waterproof and you have to be prepared for all kinds of weather.

No matter if is a textile or a leather jacket, you need to wear it when you are in your motorcycle, it is not obligatory, but it is necessary to keep you safe in the road. More than give you protection, it gives you style and personality, a personal mark. Both are good options depending on the case and what you look for.

The market is very wide, and you can find a great variety of prices and designs in different countries. You can go to specific clothing stores for motorcyclists or search on the Internet. For example, if your choice is specifically leather, you can check our website. There you can find leather jackets with different prices and the best quality, various designs depending on the occasion.

If you want to be comfortable in the city, but you want to go with a good style, you can use simple leather jackets like the Asphalt  of  AvusMoto which is simple but at the same time is elegant, practical and safe. This jacket contains a removable CEE approved armor in shoulders and elbows and a foam back protector.

On the other hand, if you want to look a little more sporty, you can opt for the AvusMoto Apex jacket which has a sporty design, curved sleeves in textile part and is adjustable front and rear ventilation openings for those hot days.  It is a little more expensive but you can be sure that is good material, and it will last with you for a long time. It is a good inversion.

So you do not have to choose just one, you can use either of them, and they will serve you the same, the important thing is your safety when you are on the road.

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