More than a motorcycle, a lifestyle

Posted on 26 December 2018

A motorcycle, a helmet and gloves, boots many kilometers and the landscape passing around you. The breeze is hitting your face and the engine sounds. It sounds great, no? Well, more than go on the road for some people is a lifestyle, a passion.

In this world, there are different types of passions, one of them is the motorcycle passion: a passion for knowing more about each type of engine, its operation, its range, and even the sound. There is also the passion for which some motorcycles may have, the speed, the grip you have on the ground when you reach high speeds or even just how these high cylinder bikes look.

There are also long-range motorcycles, and there is a passion for them. Motorcycles transmit freedom, and that is what makes many people prefer them before a car, there is more contact with nature. Another point in favor is that it is more practical to ride a motorcycle than a car regarding mobility.

To celebrate this passion, there are current events, trips around the country and continent on motorcycles, parties, road safety events, driving improvement courses, awareness-raising activities. 

Having a passion for motorcycles goes from being entertainment to a community with a common taste, a family. All over the world, groups have been created to make their way of living life together with their motorcycles more known.

However, the fact of owning a motorbike does not mean that you feel passion for them, many times they are used only for the practices that they are, in the world, few people really feel passion for this world. The love of feeling the risk, as this can be considered a high-risk sport. This is why they spend thousands and millions of dollars on the best engines, clothing and so on, all to ensure that the operation will be proper and yet maintain a safety.

Being considered high-risk people often think they are gangs because they also walk in pure leather things, imagine someone rude. Those who are passionate about motorcycles take care of them as if they were a child; they love them as if they were a member of their family, so they take care of them in such a way that they spend an excessive amount every month, this is not just a whim.


It is a passion that cannot be explained, because only people who live it know what it really is and is not a simple whim, is something they have since small and lasts a lifetime. It can be said that it is real love.


The preferences can vary from the most classic to the most modern, from the smallest to the largest or from those with a simple engine to others with modified engines. There is no color, no size, no type of motorcycle for those who are passionate about it. Usually, these significant events of trip by the country and continent are carried out with motorcycles of high cylinder capacity, with engines modified and apt for high speeds, for all type of climate and terrain, these are the ones that we usually hear that the motor sounds very hard and that is recognized although they are to kilometers of us.


Although we will not only listen to these motorcycles, we could also visualize the most straightforward motorcycle traveling even though it is not practiced, but the passion can be more than that. Usually, people whose passion is motorcycles are accused of being rude or abusive; it should not be denied that if there will be some that are so, but the vast majority are friendly, good people, among other things.

We do not usually see many programs about the passion for motorcycles but about bikers something that they indeed do not demonstrate in the best way, some people are passionate about it and are doctors, teachers, architects, engineers and even owners of small businesses.

That is to say, to feel passion for this it is not necessary that you dedicate all your time to it, you can have your profession and in your free time to practice motorcycling as a hobby. However, there is that group of people who are 100% dedicated to that, either with business or just travel.

The passion for motorcycles is definitely something complex and crazy, something that no one can understand, only the people who are part of that community.

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