Tips to buy your first classic motorcycle

Posted on 04 May 2019

After having some time in the world of motorcycling, riders can get bored of the same models, the modern ones do not have the same elegance as classic motorcycles. But do you not know how to start? Or what to see and look for when buying your first classic bike? Do not worry, in this article, we will present some tips that you should keep in mind. Keep reading!


  • The first thing is to think about the type of model you want. You must soak yourself completely in books and magazines until you get an idea of ​​what you would like to have. Do not leave aside any detail about the general description of the product you want, it could be useful in the future. In short, you must become an expert in the area!


  • Research the type of model you would like to have. Check online the nearest stores where you could sell the type of motorcycle and/or the brand you want. Most of these bikes are in exclusive clubs which, in general, are very receptive to receive future buyers. In fact, some owners allow several tests to be done on their bikes.


  • Beware of scams! Many of the most popular brands are easy to fake. However, if you did your homework and you know the details of the model you want in depth, it is harder for someone to scam you, do not you think? 


  • The seller has to guarantee to the buyer the proper functioning of the motorcycle's entire mechanical structure. Especially, if it is a prestigious brand, the engine numbers have to match the V5 logbook. In countries like the UK, buyers have up to a 6-month guarantee after the purchase unless a problem is found. However, in general, they are not obliged to tell potential buyers about any faults it may have, so scrutinize enough before spending your money.


  • Another important thing to consider and that should influence your decision when buying has to do with what do you want to do with your bike? What kind of terrain do you want to go through? If you want to cross freeways or deserted plains you can choose anything. But if you want something for day to day that can resist traffic, you need a motorcycle that accelerates, decelerates and stops without a problem.


  • The maintenance of a classic is much more intense than a modern bike. However, all that experience is what lovers of the classics look for. The relationship that owners form with their motorcycles is to know each screw each piece. However, while you are fond of the motorbike of your dreams and you get to dirty your nails we recommend that you buy a classic that has enabled parts. Currently, there is an important market for the sale of classic motorcycle parts, in which many buyers come to improve their bikes.


  • Do you have a date in mind? Some people recommend buying models built in the late 1960s through the 1970s. These would be the most similar to the classic motorcycles you have in your mind, their parts are easier to find and most importantly, they are affordable. Try to find a motorcycle that has already rolled a bit.


  • If you are going to restore it, you need to be sure that the work is done properly by someone who knows what they are doing. Keep track of all the expenses and receipts.


Now, we hope that these few tips will be useful. Once you have your classic bike operational, ride it! This is how you can know their shortcomings and improve it. The laws on trademark titles vary depending on the states, but it is best to obtain an ownership title transferred to your own name.

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