Motorcycle riding gear and safety: The basics

Posted on 27 January 2019

Before you start a trip, there are some things that you have to take into account to keep you safe. They are from the clothes you wear to the conditions of your bike if it is not in good conditions and you do not have the right equipment you could be in danger.

First of all, check the rubbers. It needs to be in a good state to a good road with them. Also, check that your motorcycle does not have mechanical issues such as oil jars; electricity problems, the brakes, etc.

Then, you must wear adequate equipment to go out securely. In the case of an off-road trip, you need some essential items of motorcycle riding gear such as neck protection; elbows, shins, knee guards, roost deflector, etc.


Neck Protection

Despite these devices are not taken into account, are really important to an off-road. If you have an accident, neck protection can prevent or reduce a severe spinal column injury from spills. These offer you limitation in the movements of the helmet and your head in case of a crash because it makes a restriction in the front, behind and sides movement and this avoids hyperflexion. It is not common to see someone wearing this kind of motorcycle riding gear, but it is imperative.


Elbows, shins, knee guards

These are usually under clothes while driving, they protect sensitive body parts like elbows, shins, and knees. They are useful even in the street when we have outer layers with less protection. In the event of a falling, it will prevent our pants from tearing or scratching our knees, legs or elbows. Furthermore, in the case of a severe fall, this protects you from a lesion.


Roost Deflectors

These devices cover the most critical part of the body: the chest. Usually, they are made of plastic, are light and offers us resistance in case of an impact. You need to be comfortable and safe with this, the padding is made of dense, impact-absorbing.

In the other case, for a simple long trip, you need to wear the essentials; helmets, eye protection, earplugs, jackets, gloves, pants, and boots.



The first thing you need to know about helmets is that you can use only these approved for the DOT. Helmets are essential because they protect your brain and also offer you protection against the wind noise and turbulence. This device is the first you need to look for. There are different types of helmets so you can research and choose the helmet of your preference.



Eye Protection

How uncomfortable it is to feel the wind in your eyes, that is why the eye protection avoid this and that all manner of debris and bugs from flying directly to your eyes. Sometimes, the helmets include this but it never hurts to have more protection. Plus, they improve your vision when you are on the road.



Small but useful. These devices are helpful because they protect your ears from the wind noise, this noise can make that you suffer a damaged after repeated exposure to loud sounds when you are in high speeds (which is the typical case in a motorcycle).



More than make you look better and with more style, they are significant at the time of taking your trip. Your upper body needs to be well-protected. Jackets offer you a variety in security; armored race, ventilated summer wear this through the mesh, which provides better abrasion and therefore better ventilation for those summer days. In addition, there are models of this kind of motorcycle riding gear that have detachable flexible protection on elbows, shoulders, and back. It is recommended to wear jackets with level 2 protection as they provide better security. All the jackets offered in Avus Moto contain these protections approved for the CEE. Check them on their website!

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In case of a fall, the first thing we support is the hands. This is why it is necessary to wear gloves, as the damage that can be caused to the palms, knuckles, and fingers can be serious. The use of robust, padded and flexible gloves is the best option. Avus Moto offers leather gloves, reinforced with KEVLAR, finger protection, and elastic panels.

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Another aspect to take into account in case of a fall in the care of the knees, so Avus Moto offers you leather trousers that have protection in the knees approved by the EEC and for your comfort offers a longer slide than the casual trousers when walking.

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Last but not least, the boots. You need to step hard, and therefore you need sturdy boots for a firm footprint and to protect the faucets in case of slipping or stepping on stones.


The most important thing when riding any type of vehicle is your protection and more in the case of motorcycles, so be sure to use motorcycle riding gear that has the best quality and protect your body well. If you like leather more than fabric, look in Avus Moto and follow them in their social networks.


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