Best Motorcycle Routes in Oklahoma

Posted on 18 May 2019

Are you thinking about taking a motorcycle trip to Oklahoma? Here we will present you the best routes that go from landscapes with green hills to meadows. On a normal day on the road, riders will see elevations that vary to the lowest point in the state. Imagine traversing curves and getting excited with the beautiful views that Oklahoma offers

It is also important to remember that this state has several mountainous areas such as the Ozark Mountains, the Arbuckle Mountains, the Wichita Mountains, and the Ouachita Mountains and is home to a lot of lakes.


  1. Talimena National Scenic Byway

This beautiful route is located in the southeastern region of Oklahoma, beginning in a town 60 miles southeast of Fort Smith Arkansas. The road to get there is quite simple, to start just follow the road to Talihina and continue to the town on Route 1. Stay on that same road until you cross Arkansas. The Talimena route runs from west to east all the way of the Winding Stair and Rich Mountain. Throughout this tour, you will observe the valleys and even stop a bit to have a picnic and take pictures.

What is the quality of the road? The truth is that it is full of curves and small elevations. It is a road built to make trips on the road so the speed limit is quite slow.

What can you find along the way? Both in Talihina and in Mena you can find places to stay and restaurants. If you want to know a bit about the area, you can stop by The Kerr Nature Center, which has exhibits about the flora and fauna of the place.


  1. Antlers Oklahoma North

The best time to do this route is in the fall. The colors merge and there are a lot of lakes and hills. There is no traffic, but it is necessary that the drivers bring enough fuel, water, and food because there are areas where they can not obtain any of them.

How about the quality of the route? It is considered one of the best in the state.

What can you find along the way? It depends on the time, but if you choose to do this route afternoon or on Sundays, many of the establishments may be closed. We recommend buying everything you need for the road in Antlers and rest and fill up on gas in Clayton because you will not see any of that until you get to Hochatown.


  1. The best of Route 66

This route is between Stroud, OK, and Arcadia. There are many places to see. Even though it is a small portion of Route 66 there are beautiful landscapes to see.

How about the quality of the route? The road is very varied, with many trees and curves. At the west is Lake Arcadia.

What can you find along the way? There are many places to stop for a bit and enjoy good food and museums.


  1. Edmond-Stillwater Circuit

This route is full of landscapes of open fields. You can even see the old towns. The journey begins with straight roads and country back roads all the way to Guthrie. Then when you get to Stillwater there are mixed roads and quite long curves.

How about the quality of the route? The roads can be a bit rough but not harmful to the driver. The most visited routes are very good.

What can you find along the way? Guthrie is a very interesting town, with a lot of history. On the other hand, Stillwater is full of bars and very good restaurants.


  1. The Indian Trail Highway

The way to get to this route begins in Honobia, OK. Head north, stay on this road for 17 miles until it intersects Highway 271 south of Talihina. The mountainous view is great, there are many things to see including the southern Ouachita National Forest.

How about the quality of the road? The surface of the road is very good, it is characterized by having many ups and downs.

What can you find along the way? This route is between the towns of Talihina and Honobia, both offer lodging, restaurants, places of recreation.


  1. The Road to Honobia

The road to Honobia begins on Highway 259 and reaches North Bethel. From there, take route 144 west to Honobia.

How about the quality of the route? Highway 259 takes you to the Ouachita Mountains. There are many hidden hills and some areas a bit narrow. It is also necessary to take into account that it is possible to find animals along the way.

What can you find along the way? No lodging or restaurants, the best thing you can do is go very well prepared.


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