Motorcycles ride around the world. Which one is the best?

Posted on 28 December 2018

There are many types of motorcycles all around the world, and we cannot select a top ten because the preferences of the people can vary in many aspects. Those who are the perfect one for someone, could not be the preference of another person. That is the reason why we will show you our top of the best motorcycles rides in the world and why we chose them.

Harley Davidson CVO Limited

This motorcycle is the most powerful of the MoCo with 1869 cc. It has an elevated standard and fun, possesses audio of Harman Kardon and wonders of carbon fibers. The advantage of this motorcycle is that despite its size is very large, its weight it is not too much. 

The Harley Davidson CVO Limited is comfortable to travel because of the material of the seats, the size, the braces system in case of an emergency (ABS) and with the extra you can listen to music while driving.  Its price is expensive, but it is worth it.

Kawasaki GTR 1400 

This motorcycle possesses a big comfort, but with a gorgeous way to get along through the mountains, this gives you more security no matter the velocity or the weather you are. It should even be noted that this rider is a winner of Rider Best Sport-Touring Bike and Motorcycle of the Year in 2008. 

Distribution of valves derived from a Mitsubishi car engine, a rear suspension system Tetra-Lever similar to BMW. This is an excellent option because of its travel safety and its light weight (313 kg). Policeman and ambulances use this rider.

“No bike this big should handle this well. Bend the big Connie into some corners, and it does quick work of all but the tightest of turns." - Jason Fivella, RideApart

Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro

Ducati's most off-road is the perfect motorcycle for all type of land not only because of its low weight but because of its manufacturing method it is ideal for any two-wheeled terrain. It has low weight (225 kg), and power modes that you can manipulate. 

So you can take trips wherever you want, and you know this motorcycle will stand up to it. Since it is a motorbike, you will feel like a real pilot. Besides, the metal suitcases are armored, and you know that your luggage will be safe.

Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré

This is a motorcycle that you can manage for the most broken roads, and the trip will be a pleasure too. The manufacturers made sure that it was as compact as possible for lighter driving. It also has its unified braking system and ABS for greater safety in times of emergency. 

Despite being narrow, you have ample space to go comfortably with your luggage at the necessary speed. An extra that has to suit your trip better is its two modes: T (Town) or S (Sport). It has a tank of 23 liters of capacity since this one designed for extended trips.

Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic
The principal focus of this motorcycle is simple: comfort. Both you and your partner will feel the comfortable armchair with ear muffs. And not only that, it is one of the most powerful and faithful engines on two wheels.

It is an excellent choice for long trips because it has a narrow neck to provide rider back support. Also, it has a powerful sound to enjoy your music through the road. Includes USB port and Bluetooth capabilities.

Kawasaki Z1000SX
It has rear trunks for those sudden escapes that you can think of, as usual, Kawasaki focuses on a more sporty style. Despite having only 1000 cc gives you an excellent sports system, or what is called "nude model."

Having a higher screen and double bubble protects you more against the wind. For greater comfort, the luggage system is detachable, so you decide whether or not to have it. To ensure your comfort, you have the ERGO-FIT system which allows you to manipulate the geometry of your bike to the characteristics of the user. If so, you can locate it to make you feel more comfortable.

There is a variety of motorcycles for long journeys, which offer you safety, comfort and full enjoyment of the road. From different sizes and preferences, you can choose the one that best suits your style and the trip you will make. To use these motorcycles, we must have clothing that ensures our protection. Also, you can find some quality clothing in the AvusMoto store.

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