How do you need to be prepared for your first motorcycle road trip?

Posted on 02 January 2019

We know how exciting a trip like this is and that it is an adventure entirely different from what we are used to, we are someone different before and after starting the journey, so we bring you some recommendations or "tips" for you to enjoy it as you should.

Choose a bike that is comfortable and appropriate for the type of trip you are preparing for

The most important thing is to choose your bike correctly because you cannot use a Harley Davidson for an off-road trip or R1 to manage close curves. Also, you need to be comfortable if you will have a long trip, so it is a factor you have to take into account.

It is essential to have comfortable seats, guards and better headlights for the night. Another thing to take into account is the quantity of cc that you need. It is not just about looking good on the bike; it is about being safe, comfortable and being the right bike for your trip.

Know your route and take the right technology with you

A critical point is to know the route you are going to take, if you do not know it is recommended to use GPS technology, both on your cell phone and on the motorcycle or helmet, in case of loss to locate something or to be located. If the place is not covered, always remember to have a road map with you. And if you are with someone else, make sure you know them well.

Take breaks and get hydration.

Remember that the road will be very long and being behind a steering wheel for hours with the sun can dehydrate and tire you. That is why you have to take breaks every few miles or so that you can rest and hydrate appropriately so you can continue your journey. In the same way, take food so you do not lose energy and you can eat during these breaks. These are long journeys, and your body must be prepared for this.

Get ready for any weather.

Against nature we cannot do anything, we do not know what climate will wait for us along the way. It can be a suffocating sun or rain that will not let us advance, that is why we must be prepared for any situation. Wear waterproof jackets, protectors so that the shoes do not slip, if the weather is very against it is better to stop until it happens and thus avoid accidents. Take care of the technology you have to communicate in case something gets out of your hands.

Dress correctly and wear earplugs

It is essential to dress appropriately for your trip, this can vary depending on the type, can be; waterproof jackets made of fabric or leather, socks, gloves, helmets, and comfortable pants. To find suitable clothing to use on your motorcycle trips, log in to Avus Moto store and see the variety they have for you in riding gear.

Besides, it is recommended to use earplugs because the height of the place you go or the speed you can plug and is really uncomfortable and annoying for your eardrums.

Take your tools

You never know what might happen, it is important to always have the tools with you in case something happens to your motorcycle. It would not be any fun to be stranded in a place you do not know, with anything to do, waiting for a tow truck if you have a signal to communicate. This is why it is important to take your tools with you to solve any inconvenience.

Carry light luggage

Remember that it is a two-wheeled vehicle, try to go as light as possible to not add unnecessary weight. Bring food, a change of clothes, energy drinks and water to hydrate yourself, your tools, a first aid kit, money, a map or GPS and personal hygiene items.

Be motivated, keep motivated.

It is a beautiful experience, but that does not take away that it is a rough trip. We do not know how long we will take or what the road we face is like.

That is why you must start motivated and more than that, keep the motivation, despite the inconvenience, the weather, or the tiredness. Motivation is what will help you move forward always and in the end say that the trip was really worth it. Since you are passionate about these trips and motorcycles (if not, you would not be reading this article) we recommend you to follow Avus Moto in Instagram, where in addition to finding what they sell, you will find phrases that will give you motivation and desire to take that long journey that you think so much with your bike.


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