Gotham Bike Nights in New York

Posted on 17 February 2019

Would you like to experience another way of motorcycling in the city? If you are interested in biker groups you can join this new way of doing this activity. In fact, the members of these groups come to handle sports bikes,  scooters, even slingshots, new riders are always welcome, minimum 250cc required and you must be capable of highway speeds.

You could think that there is not much security and also such a large group of people would hinder the trip. The truth is that it depends on the group you go with since some are very well organized and maintain excellent control of the groups. Even when new members join perhaps not so experienced, in those moments is when they must handle carefully without getting in the way of others or hinder the pace of each.

The idea, in general, is to eliminate the obstacles that could prevent people from taking a motorcycling tour through the city at night. This new form what it tries to do is make it possible for motorcyclists to enjoy the pleasures that each of the routes can offer, such as good restaurants, overnight accommodations, and other entertainment.

The fact is that riding motorcycles is becoming very popular today, especially as a form of recreation The number of new routes for bike riders has increased enormously. Some extend for hundreds of miles. What is really great about bike tourism is the potential of the activity, which means a capital inflow for local businesses.

So, if you really want to join you should be able to make highway speeds, great distances with roads and breathtaking views but above all have a lot of desire and a good attitude for the adventure.

Tips for driving a motorbike at night

  • Try to use lights that look at least 200 meters, it may seem exaggerated but remember that the faster a driver goes, the less time and distance he will have to brake.
  • Choose lights that adapt to your activities, for example, there are front lights that have the function of making you visible, also serve to illuminate your path. However, it is recommended that if you go through roads with little or almost no visibility you arm yourself with good lights.
  • For no reason obstruct your lights, it is advisable to fix the rear light to your motorbike in such a way that it is always visible. The best place to place it is on the seat post. If you place it too close it is easy to cover it with your sweater or backpack and you would not notice it.
  • Use a transparent visor helmet, and preferably with reflective stickers.
  • Using reflectors is a good recommendation to make yourself visible on the streets. Some bikes already come with included reflectors, other options could be looking for tires with a reflective band on the sides or use reflective bands on the ankles. In fact today there are clothes designed especially for bike riders, but be careful fluorescent does not mean the same as repellants.
  • Increase the safety distance with the rest of the vehicles on the road. At night there is a propensity to fatigue so our reaction to any incident will be slower than usual. Respect the speed limits even if the road goes empty.
  • In case of glare from another vehicle or when leaving a tunnel, remember to turn your eyes to the right and look for the white paint marks on the shoulder to keep references.
  • The cold night can cause us annoying shivers that end up affecting our driving. Be proactive and wear warm clothes that protect you from the drop in temperatures.
  • If it also rains, the danger multiplies. If you still can not avoid hitting the road, consult our guide to driving with rain and extreme caution.

Finally, always stay alert. Even if you have all your equipment ready you always have to be careful to anticipate the actions of other users or even the road conditions to avoid any accidents.

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