¿Why AvusMoto? The forgotten rider

Posted on 18 November 2017

Motorcycling is perhaps the most segmented motor vehicle category. Cruiser, super sports, Adventure, Enduro, Trials, MX, Touring, Scooter, and so on. And each category has a meaning and also developed a dress code. This has grown to ridiculous dimensions. A motorcycle apparel store looks today more like a party supply store or carnival outlet, offering the appropriate disguise depending on what you ride. Flashy shirts; rigid, stiff leather jackets; hot, heavy and over designed textile jackets; clown like riding pants and "statement" helmets.

Happens that a forgotten segment, if it was anything like a normal segment is on the rise again. People want to ride every day. Not compete in your regional extreme enduro or doing the Patagonia tour, or spending the night doing indoor trials. Just jump and commute to your job, or have a bite with friends. Taking the long way back home instead of the freeway. Plain and normal enjoyment.

Appropriate, functional, good looking sober apparel is hard to find, so we decided to make it ourselves, to share it with people like us. We spent almost a year adjusting apparently ready to ride pieces. Sizing, leather type, zippers locations, just enough protections that would give a piece that can be worn on and off the motorcycle. Apparel that we can enjoy and feel protected, secure and never out of place.

We want to share this mission, designing improving, and proposing, sharing revising

We want to hear opinions, suggestions, directions to bring something to use that want to be riding as much as we can, and be always prepared for that.



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