Secrets for proper care of your leather jacket

Posted on 01 February 2019

We already know that the leather is very delicate, so we have to take care of it very good because of its high price is worth it, no? 

The first thing we have to take into account is the cleanliness. To clean the leather, the best ally is a microfiber cloth and if it is dark colored even better. The process of cleaning a leather jacket is simple but delicate, first wet the cloth in warm water with white vinegar, then rub the surface of the skin delicately and insist on those parts that are dirtier (pockets, closures, seams, etc.).

 If the dirt does not remove, do not try to use a sponge. This is an abrasive object and should be avoided because it can leave a mark that will not be removed on the leather and would damage it.

When the cloth gets dirty, clean it so as not to spread the dirt. Once finished, rinse the jacket with lukewarm water to remove any remaining dirt or odor.

There are also particular producers for leather care. One of the most important things is that the jacket is completely dry, if it rained, wait for it to dry. This cream helps to rejuvenate the leather, it nourishes it in its depth, but it has some recommendations for its use:

  • Apply the cream with a soft cloth and continuous circular movements, after this, let it rest for one hour.
  • Wipe again to remove excess and shine the leather. And there you go! Your jacket has been rejuvenated.

 For better protection, it is also recommended to use special waterproofing, it is a product presented in an aerosol; it makes that it gets dirty less and delays the water draft after the strong rains. Without a doubt very useful.

Nor is it that week after week we will do these procedures if so we also wear it out. Cleaning it twice a year is a good option, although if you are in winter and use it daily, every month or two months try to wipe a damp cloth delicately to remove dirt.

We also have to take into account the maintenance of velcro and zippers. Everyone knows that velcro stop sticking with the passage of time, to take care of them, just the tip of scissors to remove the threads that are sticking out and once they are all removed, it will be as new.

Be careful, we are not going to do this when a long time has passed, or it will not be of much help to us if this is something that can be done from time to time.

To clean the zippers, you can use a brush with soap. If the zipper is beginning to fray from the fabric, use transparent nail polish. For jammed zippers, use WD-40 to solve it.

To buy good quality leather jackets, visit the Avus Moto store, we have different models according to your preferences. Their material is soft cowhide. Also, they include the protectors. The care mentioned above also applies to the jackets that Avus Moto offers you. 

One last point to keep in mind for the care of our leather jackets is the way they are kept. Hanging a jacket badly leads to deformation, the idea is to hang it in a room and leave it in a place where there is enough ventilation to breathe better, thus avoiding mold.

In addition to a place with plenty of ventilation, make sure it is not exposed to the sun because this together with the heat tends to damage the color and reduces its lifespan quickly.  If the jacket gets wet, let it dry in natural air and never use a tumble dryer.

To sum up, to take good care of a leather jacket:

  • Clean it properly with the recommended products.
  • Never expose it to the heat of the dryer.
  • Maintain the Velcro and its closures.
  • Keep it in an appropriate place.

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It is important to know how to take good care of our leather jacket as its care is different from that of some casual clothing. Once you get used to caring for it from time to time it will be easier and faster, so you can do it better and its lifetime will be prolonged. Remember that the jacket on motorcyclists speaks for them, so take good care of it.

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