Best Motorcycle Roads in Idaho

Posted on 03 March 2019

Do you like motorcycles? We do too, that's why we present you the best routes to ride your motorcycle and what better place to visit than Idaho. The city of Boise is known as a rider city. This is because of the 30,000 miles to go through with your motorcycle. It sounds exciting and tempting, right?

What happens if I do not have a motorcycle? Do not despair, there are more than 2000 motorcycles waiting to be sold. There is a big motorcycle industry in this city and finding the best brands is not a novelty. Also, you can find from sportbikes to mountain bikes. Without a doubt, Idaho is the perfect place to practice different high power sports.

No matter what you decide, you will not have to go far to find many epic rides. So here we show you a list of great places for you to review more closely. Some are near the town, others are divided into excursions on the street or on land.

1. Boise Ridge Road

This road is located from the top of Rocky Canyon and Aldape Summit all the way to Bogus Basin. If you want a shortcut, via Sunset Peak Road is a good option. From the top of Ridge Road, you will appreciate the beautiful city of Boise with a full 180-degree view from east to west. Is not it great? An experienced rider can cover the route in an hour or so.

However you have to be careful, many mountain bikers, dirt bikers and even 4X4 vehicles can be found on the road, especially in holiday seasons.

Do not think too much and go to the mountains!

2. Silver City

It is one of the most historically famous mining towns in the western United States. This landscape is about 6200 meters elevation, riders can travel from an arid desert to the high alpine forest of the South Mountain.

3. Atlanta

This town was founded in 1864, it is a good option to go camping in the surroundings and enjoy a fun bicycle trip to spend the day or to spend the night in its surroundings. Getting there is very easy and there are three options to do so, the most popular being the route from Boise going west on Highway 32 through the city of Idaho. Do not be afraid to plan a whole day to take a 200-mile trip through this beautiful and rustic landscape.

If what you are interested in are urban trips, this street ride will be perfect for you

4. Lowman Loop

It is a special area for those who love adrenaline. It has fast straightaways, very thin and deceptive canyon sections but allows you to enjoy exclusive views at the same time. There are many special places to eat, a break to enjoy a good meal always falls well after a bit of street action.

The best way to get there is to head north on Highway 55. At Banks, take the Banks. Lowman Road to Lowman. From there, go south on Highway 21 back to town.


Definitely, we already understand why motorcyclists come from all over the world to drive their motorcycles in Idaho, a place with dirt roads that connect the smallest towns in the state.

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